“Cobra’s 2018 CX65 engine is a beast. Not only are peak numbers best-in-class, but the CX65 achieves an incredibly flat torque curve. The result: lots of grunt for great holeshots and carving the inside line in addition to massive over-rev that keeps pulling down the longest of straightaways. Power Valve – The CX65’s computer controlled power valve is the best in the business. Not only does it provide better bottom-end power by sealing off to the piston better than the competition, but it opens and closes with electronic precision.”

This build is numbers focused. With a best in class machine we simply look to better the focused performance parts. Free up moving parts, increase compression and overall increase horsepower. This build creates an untouchable machine of its class replacing existing with the highest performance parts available on the market. To learn more give us a call and schedule your build.

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Modified Procedure:

– Dyno Run to have Record
– Complete Engine Tear Down
– All parts are Inspected and Cleaned
– Entire engine is Measured and Blueprinted
– Performance Focused work done Internally
– Transmission Super Job
– Crank True & Balance
– All Bearings Replaced
– Cylinder Performance work done
– Cases Matched
– Head Machining
– Replace Piston & Rings
– Carburetor Performance work done
– Squish set to our Specifications catering your Engine
– Break in Process and Tuning
– Dyno Run to have resulting Record

**Before and after Dyno Runs are released to the customer upon request**