“Cobra engineers designed a torque curve featuring massive amounts of low-end torque for launching off the gate and out of corners. This, in addition to Cobra’s classic over-rev that provides that ‘2nd gear’ for wide open situations, creates a little beast that offers more power, more torque, less weight and a smaller, lighter engine.”

At the top of its class, Cobra is the complete package for a mini performance machine. With the competition of this day and age running a modified engine is more common than not. We cater to those that want to do so. Our Modified package focuses on the performance focused parts of this engine to create an outstanding change in long range power, initial response off the bottom, and overall more horsepower. To learn more give us a call and schedule your build.

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Modified Procedure:

– Dyno Run to have Reco
– Complete Engine Tear Down
– All parts are Inspected and Cleaned
– Entire engine is Measured and Blueprinted
– Performance Focused work done Internally
– Transmission Super Job
– Crank True & Balance
– All Bearings Replaced
– Cylinder Performance work done
– Cases Matched
– Head Machining
– Replace Piston & Rings
– Carburetor Performance work done
– Timing and Squish set to our Specifications catering your Engine
– Break in Process and Tuning
– Dyno Run to have resulting Record

**Before and after Dyno Runs are released to the customer upon request**